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PD Week will be held virtually on November 22-26, 2021. Featuring a flexible learn-at-your-own-pace conference package, the event will offer a top calibre interactive experience and the high quality speakers and content that you have come to know and expect from fmi*igf!

Upcoming Chapter Events



Hosted by: Capital Chapter
FMI- Capital Chapter - 2021/2022 PD Season passport (Includes access to 4 Streams/16 sessions)
Registration will open soon
Location: Zoom Webinar with Slido interactive tool ( 10: 00 am - 11:30 am)
10:00h - 11:30h

Cost:  $349 + tax for FOUR Streams including all SIXTEEN sessions over the year.

​Location: Zoom Webinar with Slido interactive tool

Time:  10:00 – 11:30 am

CPD Hours: 24 hours for 4 streams (1.5 hours for each session - 16 sessions in total) 


Stream 1:  Financial Management in an Emerging Technology Environment

Session 1:  - Accrual budgeting best practices

Session 2:  Business Transformation aspect of SAP Transition

Session 3:  - RPA – Robotics Process automation impact on financial management

Session 4:  Ethics, reporting, and internal control


Stream 2: Personal and Professional Development 

Session 1: - From FI-1 to EX-1: Lessons Learned from a Finance Officer

Session 2: - Personal finance/wealth management post COVID

Session 3: - How to brief senior executives

Session 4:  - How banking has evolved during COVID


Stream 3: Economic Update

Session 1: - Cryptocurrency

Session 2:  - Municipal Budgeting and Property Tax

Session 3:  - Post-Pandemic Real Estate Market

Session 4: - Economic Forecast


Stream 4: Government and Departmental Priorities

Session 1:  - Supporting the CFO Community as a Virtual Network

Session 2:  - Northern Canada

Session 3:  - Public-Facing Programs during the Pandemic

Session 4:  - SAP Journey



***French version follows / la version française suit ***


                After launching our FMI-CC 2021-22 Professional Development Season, we have realized we need to adjust our initial PD sessions which were slated to take place over the summer of 2021.  As a result of this realignment of our schedule, we will be postponing the July 6, 20 and August 17 events.  They will be taking place in the Fall, starting in September.  Stay tuned and we will provide you with the new dates for the summer sessions shortly.


                Enjoy your summer and stay well!


*** English version precedes / la version anglaise précède ***




                 Après le lancement de notre saison de perfectionnement professionnel IGF-SC 2021-22, nous avons réalisé que nous devions ajuster nos premières sessions de PP qui devaient avoir lieu au cours de l'été 2021. En raison de ce réalignement de notre calendrier, nous reporterons les événements des 6, 20 juillet et 17 août. Ils auront lieu à l'automne, à partir de septembre. Restez à l'écoute et nous vous communiquerons les nouvelles dates des sessions d'été sous peu.


                Profitez de votre été et portez-vous bien !

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